An e-pattern is a PDF format sewing pattern.
You receive by email and print it in A4 at home easily.


1 Surf
Surf on the shop pages and add the patterns you like in the shopping cart. Validate the order steps until the payment. Credit Card and Paypal payment are instantaneous so as soon as the payment is done, your patterns are available in the "My patterns" section of your shop account. Your patterns are also sent by email.
Payment by cheque and bank wire are validated within 2 or 3 days.

2 Print and Assemble

Simply print the A4 pattern pages with your printer (function “ajust printing zone” disabled et no scaling is necessary : print at 100% normally. The common printer cannot print until the edge of the pages, so it is normal to get lines which are not broken where the pages are assembled.

Assemble and cut

- The pages have to be scotched tape edge to edge, without cutting.

- After having assembled the puzzle, you'll see white spaces where the printer cannot print. You can draw it by yourself.

- Seam allowance of 1cm (3cm for hems) are already included. It is ready to use, it's now time to cut your fabrics.

3 Sew !

In order to ensure a successful sewing, please read carefully all file pages. Several important informations and mandatory steps are described. Shopping bag, fabric quantity needed is also detailed.



Enjoy !